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Multifunction Copiers

Support & Services

Multifunction Color

Color adds impact to your documents. Ricoh's Aficio multifunction color copier systems offer stunning color copies and prints for any general office, professional, central reprographics or print-for-pay environment.
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General Office
Models Printer Speed
B/W (ppm)
Printer Speed
Color (ppm)
Paper Size
MP C2003202012" x 18"
SP C252SF21218.5" x 14"
MP C2503 Color Laser Multifunction Printer252512" x 18"
MP C3004 Color Multifunction Printer303012" x 18"
MP C306 Color Laser Multifunction Printer31318.5" x 14"
MP C3504 Color Multifunction Printer353512" x 18"
MP C401SR42428.5" x 14"
MP C40142428.5" x 14"
MP C406 Color Laser Multifunction Printer42368.5" x 14"
MP C4504 Color Laser Multifunction Printer454512" x 18"
MP C6004 Color Laser Multifunction Printer606012" x 18"
MP C6502656513" x 19.2"
MP C8002808013" x 19.2"

Multifunction B & W

The Ricoh family of copier-based Aficio multifunctional products provide a wide variety of standalone and networked printing and document management solutions. From the small office, to centralized reproduction, and print-for-pay environments, there’s an Aficio solution to improve productivity.
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13-22 ppm
Models Speed
Aficio MP 201SPF21YesYesYesYes

23-45 ppm
Models Speed
MP 2501SP25YesYesYesYes
MP 255425YesYesYesYes
SP 3510SF30YesYesYesYes
SP 311SFNw30YesYesYesYes
MP 305430YesYesYesYes
SP 3610SF30YesYesYesYes
MP 305SPF Black-and-White Multifunctional Printer30yesyesyesyes
Aficio MP 301SPF31YesYesYesYes
MP 355435YesYesYesYes
Ricoh MP 405440YesYesYesYes
SP 4510SF42YesYesYesYes

Over 45 ppm
Models Speed
SP 5200S47YesYesYesYes
Ricoh MP 505450YesYesYesYes
SP 5210SR52YesYesYesYes
SP 5210SF52YesYesYesYes
MP 501SPF Black and White Multifunction Printer52YesYesYesYes
Ricoh MP 605460YesYesYesYes
MP 601SPF Black-and-White Multifunction Printer62YesYesYesYes
MP 6503 Black-and-White Multifunctional Printer65YesYesYesYes
MP 7503 Black-and-White Multifunctional Printer75YesYesYesYes
MP 9003 Black-and-White Multifunctional Printer90YesYesYesYes

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